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Five Philo Co., Ltd. is a company approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of The People's Republic of China, which has no industry restrictions and no administrative division restrictions. It aims to provide a large comprehensive platform for Five Philo to make comprehensive investment in the whole country and even the whole world around modern people's healthy "clothing, food, housing and transportation". As the parent company and the headquarters of Five Philo stores established in various countries and provinces (municipalities directly under the Central Government) in China, it is referred to as " Five Philo Group".

Five Philo Group has set up Shanghai Five Philo Investment Group Co., Ltd. in Shanghai and Jiangsu Five Philo Investment Group Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu province, and plans to distribute in key provinces and cities (municipalities directly under the Central Government) in China and key foreign markets in the next ten years. Its core objective is to “respect nature, love others, and advance together with people sharing same aspirations” Since its establishment, Five Philo Group has been adhering to the principle of "nature" and thinking of "altruism"and has invested in clothing, agriculture, architecture, cultural communication, enterprise management consulting, office stationery, law firm and other fields under the management philosophy of " green, environmentally friendly, and healthy ". At present, Shanghai Five Philo Investment Group Co., Ltd. has five wholly-owned subsidiaries and one law firm, namely, Shanghai Five Philo Clothing Group Co., Ltd.Shanghai Five Philo Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.,Shanghai Five Philo Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.,Shanghai Five Philo Culture Communication Co., Ltd.,Shanghai Five Philo Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.,and Shanghai Five Philo Law Firm. Among these subsidiaries, Shanghai Five Philo Clothing Group Co., Ltd., while operating the high-end brand "五富珑行 FIVE PHILO", acquired a nearly 30-year-old factory in early 2019, including all equipment, teams and businesses.  Thereafter, this factory, with the brand-new appearance of Jiangsu Five Philo Clothing Co., Ltd., opened a comprehensive clothing production and processing business, and built Five Philo an online medium and high-end brand basing on sweaters. Later, on January 10, 2020, Shanghai Five Philo Clothing Group Co., Ltd. wholly-owned and acquired a high-end clothing brand company, Zudi Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which has been operated for more than 10 years, and officially launched a high-end multi-brand business model.

Jiangsu Five Philo Investment Group Co., Ltd. has three wholly-owned subsidiaries, including Jiangsu Five Philo Network Technology Co., Ltd., an e-commerce company acquired by Five Philo Group in September 2016, and Suzhou Qian Zhi Hang Paper Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Guan Mo Paper Co., Ltd., which were later established. In the future, the group plans to gradually expand into other projects related to the "grand health" industry, such as health care and pension, as well as other professional fields supporting the industry. At that time, Five Philo Group will work together with all kinds of outstanding talents and social elites who have a sense of social responsibility to provide the society with more comprehensive green environmental protection, health products and quality services with humanistic and philosophical thoughts.

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Trademark identification

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Core Value

     We advocate " respect nature, love others, and advance together with people sharing same aspirations" We follow the natural principle of " harmony between man and nature" and the traditional Chinese ideology of "benevolence". We abide by the laws of nature, advocate love and sharing, and guide more people to follow the common aspirations.


We uphold “green, environmentally friendly, and healthy” concept. We put people first, start from the heart, care for life, guard the good, and follow the principle of mutuality between man and nature, to explore a bright road of sustainable development in the process of coordinated development of society, economy and ecology.


     It’s a journey around clothing, food, shelter and transportation. We trace back to the original source, uphold the simplicity, bring people the safest and healthier products, and pass the family-like care and warmth. We bring our pure spirit, inherit the essence of the motherland culture, share the good, and go forward together.


We aim to pass on life essence and the beauty. We grew up in the embrace of the motherland, in this state of ceremonies, and a kingdom of love. Given life, together with learning from experience, we should inherit life essence, the core value and wisdom of the nation, and pass on the beauty.

Five Philo Core Objective——

“Respect nature, love others, and advance together with people sharing same aspirations.”

Five Philo Values——

Four Dos

Keep a kind heart, say good words, do good things, be good people

Five Philo Conduct Codes——

Three Don’ts

Don’t do things that harm the nature, violate the law and discipline, or benefit oneself at the expense of others.

Five Philo Talent Standards——

"Morality" -- to forget oneself for the public

"Ability" -- to do what you can with all your might

"Diligent" - to participate in with both body and mind

"Merit" – to combine one’s morality, ability and diligence 

Five Philo Employment Principles——

Regardless of qualifications, educational background, and distance, we hire people merely on the principles of “morality”, “ability”, “diligent”, and “merit”.


Brand Positioning

Core Purpose of FivePhilo——
Respecting the heavens and loving others, and walking with the same wishes.   

Value of the FivePhilo——
Four "good"
Keep good heart, say good words, do good things, be good people        
Conduct code of FivePhilo——
Three "Don'ts"
Don’t offend the nature and reason; don’t violate the law and discipline; don’t harm others to benefit ourselves. 

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